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Barkingdog AI(愛吠的狗)透過智慧化客服,提高整體服務效率,在降低人力需求的同時解決語言多樣化的需求。結合GPS和互動式地圖導覽,加上周便大眾運輸系統動態時刻表,提供遊客最佳的轉乘資訊以及導覽服務。

Guided Tour of Sizihwan Station, Kaohsiung MRT


  •  In 2022, the total number of visitors in Kaohsiung exceeded 40 million, and it is projected to increase by 20% annually in the future.

  • The number of foreign tourists has been increasing year by year.

  • Traditional tourist facilities struggle to meet the growing number of visitors and their diverse language needs.


  • By implementing intelligent customer service, we can enhance overall service efficiency while addressing the diverse language needs, all while reducing the demand for manpower.

  • Combining GPS and interactive map guidance with real-time schedules of public transportation systems, we aim to provide visitors with the best transfer information and guidance services.

Results of Implementation

  • Increased revenue through embedded advertisements.

  • Enhanced positive tourism appeal with the addition of AR interactive filters.

  • Multi-language service capabilities and reduced manpower requirements leading to improved consultation efficiency.

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