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Barkingdog AI透過推出企業可編輯的知識庫,與LLM智能向量檢索架構,可以讓AI智能客服打入校園資訊整合AI、AI教學助理輔助課程學習、AR互動拍照。 「AI Amaze 慧星大使」提供企業絕佳的一站式AI+XR數位體驗平台解決方案。

Shih Chien University


  • The first professional program in Taiwan that integrates the application of smart technology and service management.

  • Requires integration of AI teaching assistants to assist teachers in achieving educational objectives on campus.

  • Aim to provide better smart reception and services on campus.


  •  Implement a campus-wide AI information integration system.

  • Utilize AI teaching assistants to aid in course learning.

  • Incorporate AR interactive photo-taking features.

Results of Implementation

  • Enhanced the digitization of courses for students and teachers, significantly increasing student interest in learning and improving teaching efficiency.

  • Assisted external guests in independently

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